Epinephrine Injector by Hong Ying Guo

Hong Ying Guo Creates The Epishell Epinephrine Injector

Hong Ying Guo, the creative mind behind the awarded work EpiShell by Hong Ying Guo explains, EpiShell is more than a medical device in patients’ or carriers’ daily life but a friendly life helper. It is a user-centered solution for the Epinephrin <Cropped>

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Educational Toy by Fabien Fontaine

Fabien Fontaine Creates The Lalaboom Rainbow Educational Toy

Fabien Fontaine, the maker of the highlighted design Fabien Fontaine's Lalaboom Rainbow Educational Toy spells out, Lalaboom rainbow arches involve technical features such as connection systems that have been integrated to universal and pure sha <Cropped>

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Office, Hotel and Retail by Andrew Bromberg-aedas

Andrew Bromberg-aedas Presents The Daxing District P3 Office, Hotel and Retail

Andrew Bromberg - Aedas, the creator of the highlighted project Office, Hotel and Retail by Andrew Bromberg - Aedas says, The site is located at the southern edge of the district, fronting a new urban green corridor. The project consisting retail, of <Cropped>

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Award Winning Factory Restaurant

Devesh Bhatia Shares The Factory Restaurant

Devesh Bhatia, the maker of the highlighted design Factory by Devesh Bhatia says, Factory has been developed as a place that manufactures beer. an entire character of a run down factory built up in 4 floors of the available space. Every element here <Cropped>

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Life Taste by Etai

Etai Spotlights The Life Taste Residential Interior Design

Etai, the creator of the award winning project Residential interior design by Etai explains, Beauty is the first sense Art is the first word Then wonder is the inner realization of form The sense of the wholeness of inseparable elements Design consul <Cropped>

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Furniture Series by Carter Zufelt

Carter Zufelt Reveals The Müll Furniture Series

Carter Zufelt, the maker of the award winning work Furniture Series by Carter Zufelt says, Müll consists of two furniture pieces made from plastic trash. Each year an estimated 1 trillion plastic bags are consumed worldwide. Unfortunately, less than <Cropped>

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Cheng Tsung Feng's Sailing Castle Pavilion

Cheng Tsung Feng Designs The Sailing Castle Pavilion

Cheng Tsung Feng, the architect of the awarded design Award Winning Sailing Castle Pavilion spells out, Artist Cheng Tsung FENG contrives a symbolic pavilion with wood constructions. Through the white sails harmoniously intertwined among the structur <Cropped>

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Ichiei by Nova Hung

Nova Hung Shares The Ichiei Brand Identity

Nova Hung, the lead designer of the highlighted work Brand Identity by Nova Hung explains, ichiei engaged in health food agents, a loquat leaves tea product from Kagoshima is ichiei core distribute product. The brand identity aimed to represent a hig <Cropped>

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Cosmetic Packaging by Azadeh Gholizadeh

Azadeh Gholizadeh Discloses The Beauty Cosmetic Packaging

Azadeh Gholizadeh, the author of the awarded project Cosmetic Packaging by Azadeh Gholizadeh says, this package series is designed after tons of research & each of these packages represented one letter of the word of beauty. Whenever consumer put <Cropped>

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Context-Interior Residence by Chin-Shu Chen

Chin-Shu Chen Designs The Context Interior Residence

Chin-Shu Chen, the creative mind behind the awarded work Interior Residence by Chin-Shu Chen says, Harmonious is the Chinese’s aesthetic concept. Through this concept, designer fuses in functional and displays, widen the living room. Through flexib <Cropped>

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