Original Dots by Lien-wu, Chen-chains Interior

Lien-wu, Chen-chains Interior Illustrates The Original Dots Spa Space

Lien-Wu, Chen-Chains interior, the maker of the highlighted project Original dots - SPA SPACE by Lien-Wu, Chen-Chains interior spells out, This project divides the Spa space into two main sections for women and men, with each section featuring a sepa <Cropped>

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Pure Wuhan by Hung Yi-An and Hung I-Chun

Hung Yi-An and Hung I-Chun Illustrates The Pure Wuhan Cocktail Bar

Hung Yi-An and Hung I-Chun, the author of the award winning project Cocktail bar by Hung Yi-An and Hung I-Chun demonstrates, The design concept is to capture impression of the Wuhan urban life style during evening. By introducing the diverse furnitur <Cropped>

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Ari Korolainen's Cubic Multifunctional Chair

Ari Korolainen Portrays The Cubic Multifunctional Chair

Ari Korolainen, the maker of the highlighted work Ari Korolainen's Cubic Multifunctional chair explains, People have got use to that arm-chair and light are two seperate furniture. The challange has been, how to combine this two products to same <Cropped>

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Brand & Packaging Design by Tridimage, Pablo Iotti

Tridimage, Pablo Iotti Creates The Kitchens of Africa Brand & Packaging Design

tridimage, pablo iotti, the thinktank behind the awarded design Brand & Packaging Design by tridimage, pablo iotti explicates, The Tridimage design agency took on the project of balancing the brand’s visual identity between looks of exoticism a <Cropped>

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Visual Identity by Alexander Kirzhbaum

Alexander Kirzhbaum Shares The Mindpalace Visual Identity

Alexander Kirzhbaum, the lead designer of the highlighted design Alexander Kirzhbaum's Mindpalace Visual Identity says, Mindpalace is an edutainment-bureau based in Moscow. The authors of the project Ira and Slava debunk the stereotype that lect <Cropped>

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Stack-Able Chair by Tong Jin (tj) Kim

Tong Jin (tj) Kim Spotlights The Share Stack-Able Chair

Tong Jin (TJ) Kim, the designer of the award winning work Award Winning Share Stack-able Chair explains, Share is a stool, designed for singles or young couples who are living an urban lifestyle. It is a space saving stool, designed for occasional ho <Cropped>

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Design Against War

Emergency, Sosdesign and Desall Invite You to Design Spaces, Products and Services to Meet Lifestyle and Medical Needs in Regions Affected by War.new Ideas Contest On Desall.com: Emergency, Sosdesign and Desall Invite You to Design Spaces, Products and Se

Emergency, sosdesign and desall invite you to design spaces, products and services to meet lifestyle and medical needs in regions affected by war.New ideas contest on desall.com: emergency, sosdesign and desall invite you to design spaces, products a <Cropped>

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Creote Studio Limited's Fox Movies Vr Virtual Reality Trailers

Creote Studio Limited Shares The Fox Movies Vr Virtual Reality Trailers

Creote Studio Limited, the creative mind behind the displayed design Virtual Reality Trailers by Creote Studio Limited points out, Virtual Reality (VR) technology is a useful tool to create immersive experiences, and Creote Studio have taken advantag <Cropped>

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Moonlight Brooch-Brooch by Michelle Xianou Ni

Michelle Xianou Ni Discloses The Moonlight Brooch Brooch

Michelle Xianou Ni, the author of the highlighted project brooch by Michelle Xianou Ni explains, As a designer, Michelle Xianou Ni challenge herself to make unique wearable contemporary jewellery, fuse the western and oriental aesthetics together, pu <Cropped>

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Residence by Cheng-Yu Yang

Cheng-Yu Yang Reveals The House of Light Residence

Cheng-Yu Yang, the creator of the awarded design Award Winning House of Light Residence points out, Located at the beautiful Yilan, the villa “House of light” is big, luxurious and harmoniously coexisting with natural environment. Given the mois <Cropped>

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