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Astoria was designed in order to meet the mobile usage features in addition to its aesthetic design concept. The product is composed of several materials. These materials are MDF, glass and brass. On the bottom plate, USB charging input feature functions. On-Off and Dimming functions are touch controlled which enable users to adjust the desired light levels. A glass holder is included on the base. All the design features make the product to solve many functions and to be used in several areas to create the desired ambience.

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The suspension lamp Mondrian reaches emotions through colors, volumes, and shapes. The name leads to its inspiration, the painter Mondrian. It's a suspension lamp with a rectangular shape in a horizontal axis built up by several layers of colored acrylic. The lamp has four different views taking advantage of the interaction and harmony created by the six colors used for this composition, where the shape gets interrupted by a white line and a yellow layer. Mondrian emits light both upwards and downwards creating diffused, non-invasive lighting, adjusted by a dimmable wireless remote.

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Moving in the wind Lucylle creates the fascinating game of light and shadows that imitates fireflies twinkling dance, allowing the nature reveal itself in the urban landscape, giving a feeling of spiritual beauty. The weightless and airy device does not overload the surroundings, creating only light accents, attracting looks. This allows you to integrate it into projects with a wide variety of tasks, forming a unique space. The lamp made of an eco-friendly aluminum base with two conductive rods made of tempered steel, feeding the diode, which is covered with a plate to reduce light pollution.

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Time Lamp

There is no lack of functional or various types of decorative lamps in the market, but there is no interactive lamp that combines the function of lighting and timing. Lighting product with timing is a unique perspective for the solution. The solution helps the audience to break the stereotype of lamp market: turning on a light can also be so joyful. The shape of an hourglass expresses the essentialness of time.

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The Obj01 lamp was designed during the pandemic, at a time when it was not possible to go outside, buy materials or visit production workshops. Manu wanted to design an object to inhabit his home during the pandemic, so he started making models using a cutter knife and cardboard boxes from online purchases he made, since cardboard was the only material he had at home. The design process was focused on generating simple cuts on cardboard sheets and through those simple cuts generate new functions or uses for the object. In this case the idea was to generate a lampshade through a simple cut.

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Canopy by Hilton

As with each Canopy, the one in Hangzhou Jinsha lake is also a glocalized lifestyle hotel within Hilton's portfolio integrating simple service and local culture. As with Asia's first hotel of this brand in Chengdu, the lighting design intent also aimed to reveal the local elements found within the hotel as well as the iconic and unique canopy bed frame of the guestrooms.

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