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Stanley 2701

Stanley 2701 has simple, clean lines, a monolithic architecture inspired by the mysterious black monolith in Stanley Kubrick's film 2001: A Space Odyssey. It has been designed with particular attention to its unique geometry, which allows for direct downlighting and indirect side lighting. Environmentally friendly, the suspension is made from recyclable aluminum. When switched on, soft, gradated lines of light appear on the side surfaces. Off it offers a beautiful play of light and shadow throughout the day. The Stanley lamps can be used alone or in groups.

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Wall Washer

The wall washer is a linear type lamp with rich colors and high-quality lighting effects. Through precise optical design, the wall washer lights have a unique seven-in-one digital light and color technology to achieve a wide color gamut mixing range; wider color coverage and intelligent color toning give designers unlimited possibilities. As an outdoor lamp, it does not need a conspicuous appearance design. Its beauty lies in the fact it can be integrated with the outline lines of the building.

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RTG40 Flood Lamp

Based on the structural and environmental peculiarities of ancient buildings, flood lamp interprets convenience and concealment with lightweight and diversified. It can be installed on tiles, cornices, beams and columns and more. To achieve precise and concealed lighting effects. It perform well in daytime and nighttime.

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Green-Backed Tit Nesting Plan

The nest-like installation is created for visitors to get into it, take a rest and find their inner peace. Lighting design starts from the human vision instead of glowing the installation itself. As an art installation which people can get inside, design team focuses on putting attention to create the illumination balance between the environment and the visitors' visual effect. Lighting fixture with proper light distribution and cut-off angle are integrated with the structure of the installation to build a glare-free ambiance which helps to sustain the tranquility of the Sun Moon Lake.

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Xuelian Liangdian

Beijing Xuelian Liangdian Dongsi Creative Park is located Southwest of the intersection between Chaoyangmen Inner Street and Dongsi South Street next to the Dongsi subway lines, only 3.5 km away from the Tiananmen Square. Like other buildings within the 2nd ring road, its height is below 45 meters. It was a textile shopping mall called Sanyou that opened in 1985 and in 1989, it was Beijing’s largest with 1500 m². In March 2020, started a makeover to transform it into an office, small retail and cultural space with a unique theater, roof gardens and exhibition areas.

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The table lamp has three forms. The first form is the folded magpie homing, the light source is small and mild, does not hurt the eyes, and is also the most space-saving form. It is suitable for small night lights at the head of the bed in the bedroom. The second form is a vertical head stop as if looking around to take off, which can illuminate a larger area of space and is suitable for office space; The third form is the take-off spread wings and fly high, which is high and energetic.

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