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The Sixth Sence

The lamp was developed under the influence of the research about the concept of proprioception. This special, muscular sense, thanks to which a person feels his own body in space, is informally called the Sixth Sense. Thanks to this design approach, it has been developed a floor lamp that a person can use with their eyes closed, without being distracted from their work or leisure. With the help of a base, the lamp can be placed as close as possible to the workplace or even between and furniture. And also with the help of switches located at the arm's length.

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Xu Wei

Hidden in the ancient city with a history of 2,500 years, the project is fused with ambient small-scale residences. The lighting design is low-key and introverted, without noise or disturbing people. It uses light in a restraining yet precise manner, to balance the relationship between lighting and building, landscape and people and highlight the charm of architecture, a sense of depth of distant and close views of Xu Wei's ink wash painting and the night atmosphere and appreciation value of architecture and surroundings. It creates modes for various scenes in the urban cultural space.

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Cylindrical track luminaire for Infinity system. The luminaire produces light with its whole surface, 360 degrees beam angle. Flexible neon allows to make the luminaire in any shape you want and create unique lighting compositions and art objects. 1,6 or 5 m length. The luminaire is easy to install in the track. Patented Dali Click mechanical fixation adapter guarantees that the luminaire will not fall out. Low-voltage ensures complete electrical safety. Flexible neon used in all Freelight series luminaires is odorless, does not exude any harmful chemicals and has complete ecological safety.

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The ceiling lamp Lorca is a ceiling lamp that brings a sculptural note to any space, it's a thin rectangular vertical line coming straight from the ceiling, displaying an excerpt of poetry along this line. The poem is attached along one edge of the square body with a perfect reading and highlight to this main feature. The lamp is entirely made in iron and naturally oxidized. The light fixture Led hidden at the end of the body creates an accent light. Through poetry the designer wanted to create a dialogue, between the words, the forms, the textures and the spectator.

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Cubes table lamp has a very clear aesthetic inspired by the architecture of the early 20th century, the Bauhaus and German modernism. Expresses a concept combining light with graphic design, a sculpture of geometric shapes. The lamp consists of three geometric forms stacked in a balanced composition and distinguished by the material, wood. The asymmetric positioning of the forms creates a different profile on each side, a constant rediscovery of the piece. The light fixture is a led circuit with a diffuser, softly distributing the light downwards on two of the volumes.

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Hengpro breaks the tradition way to turn on the lamp. The whole table lamp does not seem to have a main power switch or button. We just need to lift the small ball placed on the base and attract the small ball hanging in the light frame to achieve a balance to light the lamp. Hengpro has innovated a new interactive way of table lamps.

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