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An easy to install, hanging lampshade that simply fits on any light bulb without a need to any tool or electrical expertise. The design of the products enables the user to simply put it on and take it off the bulb without much effort to create a visually pleasant lighting source in a budget or temporary accommodation. Since the functionality of this product is embedder in its form, the production cost is similar to the one for an ordinary plastic flowerpot. Possibility of personalization to the user’s taste take by painting or adding any decorative elements creates a unique character.

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The art installation Crystal is made for the Yonge + St. Clair Fall Art Festival (Toronto, Canada) which is aimed to promote local businesses. The Crystal is an abstract 3d object of 3 meters in height, aimed to demonstrate the process of transformation throughout the crystal lattice. Using triangular shapes, the artist has created a volumetric structural arch resembling a crystal. To outline the shape, the structure was featured with rope knitting and illuminated by 5 meters of LED Neon Flex light from below.

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MABY Smart Lighting System

MABY is a smart lighting system designed for creating decorative pieces through combining light cells of different geometric shapes. It combines with color pattern plates called MABY skin to further enhance the appearance of the creations. Control can be done through touch sensors or mobile app to adjust the lights and shades to suit different atmospheres. MABY can be used as an unique decorative lighting system for home designs or as a tool to stimulate and inspire creativities.

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Khepri is a floor lamp and also a pendant that is designed based on ancient Egyptians Khepri, the scarab god of rising of morning sun and rebirth. Just touch Khepri and light will be on. From the darkness to the light, as ancient Egyptians always believed. Developed from the evolution of Egyptian scarab shape, Khepri is equipped with a dimmable LED that is regulated by a touch sensor switch that provides three settings adjustable brightness by a touch.

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The Magic Lamp's form is inspired by the form of the mushroom Psilocybe semilanceata, a species of fungus with a distinctive conical to bell-shaped cap that produces psychoactive compounds, otherwise known as the Magic Mushroom. The pearl white shade is 3D printed with a plant based plastic. As the light shines through it, the spiralling concentric lines created by the layering of material in the printing process are highlighted. Underneath the head are mushroom like gills, also 3D printed. The combination of materials, and it's natural form, stand out as the main features of this design.

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Circular Flood Lamp

The shape of the lamp extracts the soft contour curve of Song porcelain, which gives the product cultural emotion. The double anti-glare design can better solve the anti glare issues. The IP68 rated features can greatly increase the product's outdoor service life. Reversed the design from the perspective of application scenarios and humanistic feelings to form a series of products with malleability.

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